19 Feb 2013

Creativity and Human Development | new online journal

Creativity & Human Development is a new international e-journal published in Scotland. It aims to be a place where practitioners and academics can talk about Creativity and ways in which it relates to the arts and other dimensions of human development.

Creativity Exploded! is the theme for the launch issue, and explodes some of the myths about creativity. Is creativity just about the arts? Is it something that we are born with? Can you really learn to be more creative?

This issue's articles cover a diversity of topics such as creativity in science, maths, engineering, business, writing, art, craft, design, dance, film, photography and history. Each theme also features the work of some of the Editorial Board members. The journal's current authors are international - from the UK, the Netherlands, USA, Malaysia, Spain, Germany, Estonia, Romania, South Africa, Brazil, Australia and Japan, amongst others.

Each new theme will focus on a key contributor to our understanding of creativity. The first issue features the late George M Prince, co-founder of Synectics, with an article by him and a book review of Imagine That!, which charts his contribution to creativity. Creativity Live! – an online creative problem solving project demonstrates live Synectics in action.