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08 Dec 2017

Creative Environment: A Guide to art and sustainability initiatives in Berlin | Launched!

ASEF culture360 is delighted to support the publication "Creative Environment: A Guide to art and sustainability initiatives in Berlin". Authored by Yasmine OSTENDORF in collaboration with the Ecologic Institute and the Green Art Lab Alliance (GALA), this Guide is a spin-off to the series Creative Responses to Sustainability, commissioned by ASEF since 2015. The 3 Guides published thus far have mapped cultural initiatives in Singapore (2015), Korea (2016) and Indonesia (2017) engaging with social and environmental issues.

The Berlin Guide follows a similar template: it is based on 30 in-depth interviews with key players in the cultural field in Berlin who are engaging with
environmental issues: artists, curators, policymakers and cultural managers. It provides the reader with an insight into the world of art and sustainability although this time, it focuses entirely on a city. The Berlin Guide is addressed to artists and researchers, educators and activists, arts managers and curators, travellers and community leaders, policymakers and students, environmentalists and anyone interested in art, in more liveable cities and creative
and sustainable societies.

Download the Berlin Green Guide here:


Green Guide Berlin

Stay tuned for more Green Guides in 2018!