20 Aug 2013

Cantonal Library of the Grisons

The Cantonal Library of Grisons is a study and education library in the Grisons canton capital, Chur . It undertakes to support education, science and culture and give appropriate media in the three Cantonal languages: ​​German, Roman and Italian. In addition to a wide range of substantive issues which offers Kantonsbibliothek also classic in the fields of literature, film and music.

It also functions as an advisory body for publicly accessible libraries in Canton, thus promoting the development and coordination of the Grisons librarianship .

Today it owns around 412,000 information carriers, including 1,000 subscribed magazines and newspapers, 3,200 audio files, 1,400 audiovisual and 11,500 visual documents such as engravings, photographs, maps and posters. As a Graubünden archive library the Canton Library is the central collection point for Raetica, ie all media arising in Graubünden or affect by their content or authorship of Graubünden. The Raetica collection includes not only documents a wide range of information sources such as audiovisual media, billboards, graphic or image reproductions.