03 Jul 2011

Asosasyon ng Musikong Pilipino (Association of Filipino Musicians)

The Association of Filipino Musician is an organization formed with the intention of professionalizing the Filipino musicians and providing benefits that will help the individual cope with the daily rigors of being a musician.

The following are AMP's priority projects for the instrumentalist:

  • To provide group medical and life insurance coverage according to the paying capability of the individual musician;

  • To coordinate with government agencies directly affecting the musician's livelihood, e.g., POEA, DOLE, CCP, etc.;

  • To make agreements with signatory companies (music employers like hotels, record companies, overseas employers, luxury liners, etc);

  • To standardize pay and wages for the various categories of instrumentalists, e-g-, classical rates, recording rates, concert rates, TV rates, etc. ;

  • To source funds for its in-house operations;

  • To source low priced musical instruments and accessories;

  • To implement career enhancement opportunities e.g., seminar/workshops, music books, VTR music educational materials, etc.

  • To provide legal counsel, contract preparations and consulting in areas concerning musical careers.