06 Sep 2010

Artseni Gallery

Artseni Gallery, with its philosophy of art, life and learning, exists to provide a platform for both the artist and the public.

For the public, Artseni is a gallery in which they can obtain a personal view of an artist’s portfolio.
For the artist, Artseni is a space for their artwork to reach out to the public.

Artseni is honoured to be part of the consultation process, sharing the knowledge of art and living to both the artist and the public. From time to time, Artseni hopes to collaborate with local and foreign galleries to showcase the works of its selected artists.

Artseni is embarking on a new route to build the portfolio of Malaysia’s art today – one that underlines modernism, encourages expressionism and promotes the unique “voice” of each artist. Artseni practices and promotes sincerity and creativity of all artistic expressions, dialogues and images. As art meets seni with Artseni, one man’s mission and all men’s dreams are fulfilled, unveiled along a corridor that leads one to the aesthetic, the abstract and the outrageous.

Artseni hopes to bring together artists and art lovers amidst beautiful works of arts and stimulating discussions on the industry. It is also the sincere aim of Artseni to help promote the understanding of art to the general public so that through knowledge, art may be better appreciated.