15 May 2012

4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art

4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art is Australia’s peak national body for contemporary Asian art and cultural thinking. It is a highly regarded pioneering organisation that fosters excellence and innovation in contemporary Asian and Australian culture through research, documentation, development, discussion and presentation of contemporary visual art.

4A believes that Asian cultural thinking will have an important impact on the future. 4A’s aim is to ensure contemporary visual art plays a central role in understanding the dynamic relationship between Australia and the Asia-Pacific region.

4A occupies a unique position in the Australian contemporary art world and in the contemporary art discourse of the Asian region. Its position is based on its long-term focus on living Asian cultures (as opposed to traditional arts); its support of Asian-Australian artists; its close relationship with artists; its curatorial innovation and commitment to excellence and its program that leads the national discussion of the Asian-Australian context.

4A has a distinctive approach to addressing Australia’s cultural diversity through a dynamic program including local and international exhibitions, public programs, workshops, seminars, symposiums and community activities. These have been recognised locally and internationally as having raised awareness of Asian-Australian art and culture and Australia‘s place in the Asia-Pacific region.

4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art is an initiative of the Asian Australian Artists Association (4A), a non-profit organisation established in 1996 to present and promote the work of Asian and Asian-Australian artists. This organisation was established by a group of artists who were keen to address the cultural contribution of Asian migration to Australia and to develop Asian and Australian cultural relations.