18 Aug 2016

10 island6 gallery

So here we are, island6 is ten years old. How else can we say it except what a long strange trip! As we look back on the journey it’s a reminiscence hazed with hookers, club drugs, artworks and shattered dreams. Ok ok, I’m joking about a couple of those. What does it really mean to be ten though? Where have we been and where are we going? Does it even matter? Is this just an excuse to have a big party and be self-congratulatory? Yes, no and maybe to all of that but for now lets take a stroll down memory lane, as well as a jaunt up future avenue.

What a unique experience to turn ten years old. Think of it this way, unless you are in the .0045% of the global population who will make it to 100 years old1, turning ten is the only time you’ll add an extra digit to your age. Most ten year olds are perched precariously on the edge of tweenhood, experiencing the first rumblings of self-esteem, starter concepts of ‘cool’, ambiguous sexual feelings and Kafkaesque body changes. Much like these confused little humans, we’ve also gone through some phases. A few simple clicks on the island6 website from newest work to oldest is all you need to illustrate that point. It’s hard to pinpoint each phase, even harder to pinpoint the reasons behind any of them ending or beginning. A safe explanation though, it that we’re like a sports team. Maybe some years we had a cooler logo than others, some seasons we scored more or less points, we were occasionally shocked by the high level of talent we acquired, seemingly out of nowhere, other times the well was all but dry. One thing that has stayed the same though, we’ve spent ten years making some truly beautiful artwork.