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The Resource Alliance is a UK registered charity, based in London. Its mission is to be the global network for fundraising, resource mobilisation and philanthropy.  It builds skills, knowledge and promotes excellence within civil society through international and regional conferences and workshops, including an annual regional fundraising skills building conference in Asia.

The Resource Alliance has a 10 year history of organising the International Workshop on Resource Mobilisation (IWRM). It is widely recognised as the leading training for building the fundraising capacity of non-profit organisations in the emerging economies.  Host countries have included India, Thailand and Malaysia. The IWRM is a 3-4 day conference focused on providing comprehensive training in all aspects of resource mobilisation and sustainable fundraising techniques. Through a mix of hands-on ‘how to’ workshops and high-energy plenaries, the aim is to equip participants with a thorough grounding in resource mobilisation theory, as well as a set of practical techniques with which to build their fundraising capacity. The Resource Alliance is currently running IWRMs in two regions: Asia and Africa.

The IWRM Asia 2012 is held in Kuala Lumpur, following the success of IWRM Asia 2011 in Bangkok, which attracted delegates from 22 countries. Partial bursaries have been offered for delegates to IWRM Asia.

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