the Milena principle

We Seek: Collaborations related to participative and collaborative approaches to mixed reality within a performative context, by use of the body, specifically in walking, in an interdisciplinary sense, also beyond performance-art and dance, embracing methodologies for the immediate sharing and exploring of ideas through medial manifestations in space and interactions through physical activity.

We Offer: An elaborate experience in the mentioned topics and related international project, next to an elaborate network of organisations, collectives/groups, museums and art universities in Europe.



About Us

The Milena Principle is an international platform and an artistic creation and research lab towards interdisciplinary practices within performance arts and new media, with a specific interest in the topics of ecology, sound, science, society and awareness. The organisation is based in Belgium, stimulating continuously encounters between public, artists and experts from various disciplines.

Since 2003, it has organized a wide range of projects in various European countries, together with and for museums, international institutions and art universities. The projects invite international artists, writers, scientists to work together in an interdisciplinary way in the form of creative nomadic and urban laboratories, travelling through Europe, referring to the renaissance past of Flanders, when artists, philosophers and scientists travelled continuously with their work and made connections with the people and places they visited, simultaneously creating a network of solidarity and affinity.

Since 2016 the Milena Principle, in collaboration with Animart, Athens School of Fine Arts (Greece) and Bezalel Academy of Arts & Design, Jerusalem   (Israel), is involved in the organization of the Animart Experiential Arts School and Forum for Contemporary Artists in Delphi (Greece). It focus on dialogues between performance, arts, literature and new media, bringing together academics, students, experts and renowned artists from Greece and abroad.

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