Sew Flunk Fury Wit

We Seek: Collaborators in the field of immersive theater and performance - Japan - China - Taiwan. We will co-produce our upcoming immersive theater performance The Fox Cave with collaborators from Japan, Taiwan and China. We seek co-producers and artists for this production building on the common use of the Fox as a metaphor in fable and mythology between our countries working with themes of the trickster operating in the post truth era

We Offer: We contribute in the financial and artistic part of this work and offer tour possibilities.


About Us

Sew Flunk Fury Wit is an awarded international orientated artists collective from Denmark. Awarded music-dramatic puppet and opera Dystopia perfromance STØV tours 2017-18. Next show CRASH  – a music-dramatic slowmotion carcrash is to premiere March 2018 and are involving innovative technological theater elements. The Fox Cave is set to premiere 2019-20 with international ambitions in Europe and North Asian Countries. All our work is in English, with new text and composition. Some with live musicians.

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