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We Seek: Primo Piano LivinGallery has a history of 15 years on the field of event management of events of contemporary arts planner in Italy and abroad. Since 2014 we have a cultural association for promotions of artists in Italy and abroad. We seek partners for international exchange projects to continue our work in the cultural and social fields

We Offer: Thanks to our partnership with artists, designers, filmakers, performers, curators, art directors, etc. we are able to to offer customized solutions to manage and organize your event at 360° as from the conception to the realization, through the analysis of the target, the feasibility study, the graphic design stage, shipping logistics , office management releases and events.



About Us

Primo Piano LivinGallery is the Italian events industry’s first business network, created by professionals specialized in visual arts, site specific installations, symposium, kick-offs, advisor board,  incentive projects and shipping, Art and theater productions, portfolio artists over the world…but not only. We worked with national and international private and public institutions since 1994.

Also, we can support organizations in all the regions of Italy and especially in Lecce, the Baroque city, with magnificent location situated in the heart of the city.  Our focus is to create proposals for authentic, inspiring and life-enriching experiences while rendering excellent quality services.

Our numbers: PPLG has organized about n. 400 events including solo and group exhibitions in Italy and about n. 160 types of events in the rest of the world.  PPLG was been reviewed by press with newspapers, magazines, television, radio on  national and international audience.

Founded by Dores Sacquegna –  artist, curator and collector  – PPLG organize events that enable audiences to learn about and deepen understanding of contemporary art thanks to conferences, artist interviews, curator talks, films, and more. Visit also the website

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