Mongolian Modern Art Gallery (MNMAG)


About Us

The Mongolian National Modern Art Gallery (MNMAG) exhibits Mongolian modern and contemporary visual art works from the beginning of the 20th century to the present. It also runs thematic and specialized shows of international artists. Apart from this, the museum conducts studies and research and is committed to the documentation of social and historical processes in the country. It set up a database of Mongolian visual artists.

The Mongolian National Modern Art Gallery is a government-supported arts organization. Its collection forms the basis for providing aesthetic experiences and art education to the public. The gallery’s unique collection consists of Mongolian modern and contemporary paintings, sculptures, prints, crafts and other new forms of art and artifacts which possess originality and a superior Mongolian thematic identity. Artworks in the collection cover a range of themes from history and cultural traditions to landscapes and contemporary expressions.

The MNMAG is part of a network of local and international organizations and individual experts in the modern art field. In recent years, this network has expanded through collaboration with UNESCO, the International Council of Museums, the Federation of Asian Artists, Embassies in Ulaanbaatar and the Fukuoka Asian Art Museum of Japan. Joint projects, including with university teachers and students, enable MNMAG to organize exhibitions of Mongolian and international modern art, providing a growing platform for the exchange of cultures and ideas.

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