We Seek: MiklagårdArts seeks for intercultural collaborations between the North and overseas art scenes with the aim of strengthening the cultural interaction.

We Offer: Tailor-made intercultural collaborations • Educational projects • Curated portfolio projects • Intercultural interaction platforms • Management


About Us

MiklagardArts is an initiator, facilitator, and connector between Finland and overseas markets with the aim of strengthening the cultural interaction and intercultural collaborations. It was founded in September 2015 by an experienced cultural producer Ceyda Söderblom and an established artist Erik Söderblom for creating tailor-made ideas and promoting interesting, chosen projects in a variety of art fields. It aims to be a new platform for promoting exchange between the Nordic countries and the dynamic art scenes in South East, Middle East and the Far East. The co-founders are also the ‘thinkers’ whose insights and connections animate the projects.

MiklagardArts stimulates creative minds and souls to contribute to society and cultivate empathy through arts in everyday life.

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