Max Estrella

We Seek: We are looking for partners to start and develop an international exchange of artistic projects and exhibitions, promoting mobility, visibility and new business models for contemporary art galleries.

We Offer: The projects that will be carried out will emphasize concerns about the environmental, cultural and economic unsustainability of a failed system, at both national and international levels, relying on artists that respond to this severe crisis through their work. Galería Max Estrella has decided to create a new initiative in parallel with the existing institution. One of the exhibition rooms will host projects whose production and reproduction methods are based on social exchange, unfolding new possibilities of expression, analysis, cooperation and commitment. Proyectos Estrella aims to fill an existing gap in Spain’s art market with these unrepresented artistic practices. More and more artists are engaging with debates about territorial imbalance, transformation of the landscape, and environmental and economic crises.


About Us

Max Estrella looks for a balance on the exhibitions between well know artists and emergent artists. The objective of the project is to show actual artists out of their frontiers and to develop a permanent relations with international galleries or institutions.

Max Estrella is working since its creation on the promotion of young artists, giving special attention to Spanish and Latin Americans. The curiosity and interest for the problems that the art of the last decades is confronting to has led the gallery to take an interest in all disciplines.

Throughout these 23 years Max Estrella has sought to incorporate internationally consolidated artists who have made significant contributions to the current panorama of the fine arts, such as the prestigious North American photographer Duane Michals, or artists of international renown by Charles Sandison, Pedro Calapez or Stephen Dean. Despite belonging to different generations and using different techniques, the work of all of them is characterized by trying to establish a direct dialogue based on singular practices and a defined idiosyncrasy.

Through those years, the gallery has organized almost 100 exhibitions being aware of the art market and its situation nowadays. That is one of the reasons why Max Estrella is trying to develop a new model of gallery, starting to work not only within the white cube walls but also outdoors, establishing new collaborations and reaching new audiences.

Some of the projects contemplated for Proyectos Estrella are expected to be developed outside the gallery space, relying on uncommon components in the art scene and especially with the public, whose presence will be the central element of the works.

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