Lakkos Artists Residency

We Seek: The artists residency is open to many disciplines. There is a focus on visual arts. We like to have artists come and work, but also to engage with the local community. At the end of the residency, artists can make presentations/ exhibitions, if they like. We also love artists to leave some work behind on the streets surrounding the residency. This is up to the individual artists. It is also fine to just come and do research and not make a project at the end of their stay. The cost is 150 Euros per week. Minimum stay is two weeks.

We Offer: The residency is artist run so we have many contacts in various disciplines in the city. We offer studio space, separate bedrooms. The kitchen is shared with maximum 5 artists.



About Us

The ‘Lakkos Artists Residency’ runs in conjunction with an urban regeneration project called, ‘The Lakkos Project’. The aim of both projects is to bring creativity and life back to a fascinating neighborhood, on the beautiful island of Crete. ‘The Lakkos Project’ is a community based project who works alongside the Municipality of Heraklion to improve the Lakkos area. The groups have so far brought street art, music/ film festivals, restoration of old house facades and performance art to the area. The project is not for profit and relies heavily on donations and volunteers. The Lakkos Artists Residency is a big old house with spaces for artists to work, live and exhibit.


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