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Cultural Contact Point (CCP) Estonia provides information and assistance on Culture 2007, the European Union programme that supports cultural cooperation within the EU and with selected third countries. The site also links to Estonian art institutions which are open to transnational cultural cooperation. Resources are mostly in Estonian.

Cultural Contact Points (CCP) have been established in the EU Member States and in most of the other countries taking part in the programme. They are responsible for promoting the programme, “Culture 2007-2013”.

CCP’s function is to provide information, advice and technical assistance in relation to the Programme “Culture 2007-2013” and any other related Cultural Community Programmes. Each country will be facilitating the participation of as many cultural professionals as possible, ensuring an exchange of information with national cultural institutions. Amongst others, they are responsible for ensuring an exchange of information with national cultural institutions, maintaining contact between the participants and serve as a link with other sources of information on various community programmes.

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