The Arts Territory Exchange

We Seek: We are seeking collaboration with arts organisations interested in our remit who may be able to help us to connect with artists in Asia; this may be through the dissemination of information about our programme to your social networks, collaborating with us on organising international events and exhibitions or opening up a dialogue with us about place/space/territory and their place within our respective artistic cultures.

We Offer: We can offer dialogue on cultural exchange, knowledge about cross cultural collaboration, dissemination to a large network of artists in different parts of the world, as well as the possibilities of collaborating on events and exhibitions and publications.


About Us

The Arts Territory Exchange is an organisation which pairs up artists across the world from diverse locations and opens up a space within which to generate new ideas around personal territories and topographies through long distance collaborative correspondences. We also host events, bringing together exchange participants and helping them to realise their collaborations in the form of exhibitions, lectures and publications.

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