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We Seek: We are looking for partners to help us advance our mission and create more content pertaining to East, Southeast, and South Asia. We are also looking for new media and institutional partners in these regions, as well as opportunities to engage with the general public and experts in the arts, education, and heritage sectors.

We Offer: Given the large numbers of visitors to our site -- 16.7 million last year and over 2.5 million every month -- we can provide meaningful public exposure to your own projects, organisations, and initaitives. We are also interested in collaborative projects and initiatives with a cultural, educational, or new media focus.


About Us

Ancient History Encyclopedia (AHE) is the world’s most-read history encyclopedia. Our mission is to improve history education worldwide by creating the most complete, freely accessible, and reliable history resource in the world. History is fundamental for understanding the world we live in today. Our knowledge and interpretation of history shape how we define ourselves as nations and as cultures, and it influences how we see other cultures. We help people gain a deeper knowledge of our globally connected human past, in order to create a more open-minded and tolerant world in the future. We want to make history engaging and interesting for everyone, inspiring them to learn more. We target the “digital generation” by telling exciting historical stories using text, video, interactive features, and mobile apps. Every submission to the encyclopedia is carefully reviewed by our editorial team, ensuring only the highest quality content is published. Our publication follows academic standards but is written in an easy-to-read manner with students and the general public in mind. As a result, our publication is recommended by global educational institutions including: Oxford University, the European Commission’s e-Learning Initiative, and MERLOT. We were the proud winners of the .eu Web Award for education in 2016.

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