Ranald MacDonald Prize | call for nominations

Deadline: August 11, 2016

Website: http://www.friendsofmacdonald.nl/en/


The international Ranald MacDonald Prize valued at 5000 Euros is awarded annually to a, presumably ‘young’, writer and/or artist for his or her, more or less, ‘first’ work in the public domain. The work must shed new light on the relations between Asia, Europe and/or North America.

Nominations are invited. The board will judge the nominations by their ‘Beauty, Goodness and Truth’.

The prize amounts to 5000 Euro and will be announced on October 11.

The deadline for proposing nominees is August 11 2016

You can submit your nomination by sending an email to nomination@friendsofmacdonald.nl.

Download full guidelines

Read more about Ranald MacDonald and his travels in Japan in the 19th century

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