05 Feb 2013

Vietnam | Da Nang International Stone Sculpture Symposium

Da Nang International Stone Sculpture Symposium in Vietnam calls artists to submit proposals for stone sculpture artworks. Ten international artists will be invited to join 10 Vietnamese artists to make artworks on-site in summer 2013 at the 'Arts and Creativity Camp: Stone Sculpture'

Da Nang International Stone Sculpture Symposium (ISSS) 2013 is a remarkable international art event that will be held in Da Nang City, Vietnam from 11 July to 7 August 2013. In the upcoming year, the event expects to host around 400 foreign and domestic tourists in Da Nang City for the Stone Sculpture Festival and twenty famous sculptors for its three week symposium.

With the aim of developing Da Nang as an international city, ISSS has received great support and assistance from the Da Nang People Committee as well as other relevant departments. Da Nang City is well-known for its Stone Carving Village and the marble resources in Ngu Hanh Son Mountain, both of which serve as a natural advantage for the city to promote stone sculpture art and enrich its diversified culture.

ISSS is calling for artists to submit their proposals and artworks in the discipline of stone sculpture. The Symposium will take place in Danang, Vietnam from 20 July 2013 to 16 August 2013. Ten international artists and ten Vietnamese artists will join the three week Symposium and create artworks on-site.

You can find full details of the Rules and Regulations on the Da Nang ISSS Facebook page