04 Apr 2017

Lahore Biennale | call for proposals

Lahore Biennale 01, scheduled for spring 2018, is pleased to announce the Open Call for Proposals. The call has two stages - stage 1 applications to be received by 4th April.

Applicants are invited to describe the (creative) idea you would like to implement given the opportunity. Describe without limiting yourself to the arts.  This does not necessarily have to be your final idea for the biennale. You will be sharing your final idea in the next stage if shortlisted.

The Lahore Biennale Foundation (LBF) is a non-profit organization that seeks to provide critical sites for experimentation in visual expression and experience, hoping to challenge and expand the scope of both. Thus, the LBF focuses on the many stages of production, experience and appreciation of art in all its forms. The Foundation is committed to the potential of art as an instrument of important social critique. It operates in awareness of possible public(s) and location(s) but is global in aspiration: It values public investment and considers the specificity of geographical and social context in establishing the legitimacy of its functions but does not pander to preconceived tropes of the ‘vernacular.’

To this end, the LBF endeavors to actively support art related projects across Pakistan, and will also host the Lahore Biennale every two years. Underlying this work will be experimentation, research, conversation and publication related to the arts; collaborative outreach and learning opportunities; and cultural exchange, including facilitating artist residencies.