01 Jun 2013 - 24 Nov 2013

Venice | Voice of the Unseen | exhibition of Chinese art

Exhibition “Voice Of The Unseen” – Chinese Independent Art 1979 - today  - a Collateral Event of 55th International Art Exhibition – La Biennale di Venezia, is the largest exhibition about Chinese art shown in the Western world so far.
The exhibition “Voice Of The Unseen” aims to shed light onto the history of Chinese art from the Post-Avant-Garde of '80s-'90s to today. The works of 188 artists and groups that have animated the independent, unofficial art movement in China are one display,  more than half of these had never been shown before outside the national borders.
What are the artists who gave birth to the movement of independent art in China with the event of the Xidan Democracy Wall in Beijing in 1979 doing today?
According to curator Wang Lin, the Western world still has a partial and somewhat warped view of Chinese art, influenced both by the choices of Western curators, the Chinese art market, and by the vision promoted by the Chinese officialdom. "But in this historical moment", says Wang Lin, "never as before China wants to talk, wants its real, original, spontaneous voice to be heard. China wants to create a bridge of human, cultural and artistic content towards the other nations of the world." For its ambition, extent, and location on 4500 square meters inside the Arsenale, Voice of the Unseen could become an epoch-making event, supporting the new Chinese art in the deep transformation that it is experiencing at the moment. NOTE: at the time of publication, the website was only available in Chinese language