04 May 2015 - 27 Nov 2015

UNIDEE University of Ideas - apply for modules


UNIDEE – University of Ideas is a multifaceted platform offering an educational programme of residential modules, based on interdisciplinary research. The 2015 programme of events take place May - November with different deadlines for applications. In 2015, UNIDEE - University of Ideas at Cittadellarte widens its activities and launches a new educational programme, characterised by a dynamic, flexible structure of weekly residential modules, aiming to trigger and pave the way for a (re)localisation of participatory artistic practices in social contexts. The formative modules, delivered both at Cittadellarte as well as at academic partners’ sites (universities, Fine Arts academies, research centres, in Europe and beyond), will develop parallel to well established (e.g. thenetwork RESO’) and new (e.g. Connective Residency) residency programmes. This decision, after fifteen years as an artists’ residency, stems from a season of transition. In 2014, UNIDEE - University of Ideas articulated its programme through, in July, an international workshop focusing on education and socially engaged art while reflecting upon its own future, and more broadly on that of residencies, and in the Autumn, the experimentation of an innovative residential format. Designed for artists, curators as well as students, social entrepreneurs and cultural project managers, the modules are open also to members of the broader public who are interested in delving into themes such as: social responsibility, urban transformation, participatory art practices, demopraxy, alternative models of local economic development, sustainability within fashion and construction industries, et cetera. The residential intensive workshops take place both at Cittadellarte in N. Italy and at academic partners’ sites internationally - alongside a series of artists’ residency projects. Based on interdisciplinary research, knowledge sharing and experience exchange, the programme fosters processes of cross-pollination to investigate the relationship between art and public sphere. Among the 20 residential modules offered in 2015, check out: Tutors include raumlaborberlin, Monica Narula (Raqs Media Collective), STEALTH. unlimited, among others. Image: Jyll Bradley, "Green/Light (For M.R.)", Old Gas Works, Folkestone Triennial, 2014. Photo: Thierry Bal, courtesy the artist