27 Aug 2012

PhotoContest | Singapore | Tan Chu Wei | 7 Photos

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India’s “Spectacular”
Tan Chuwei, Singapore

These of photographs are in a way, describing its everyday and the intensity of living there, that juxtaposed with both its past and the new modernity that every “city ” wants to be – clean streets, regulations and social behavioural control etc. Despite becoming another spectacular city, India remains a place that has been thickened with time, its religious roots and struggles with its urbanization processes. I see an india rather oblivious about the spectacular. It is weary, angry or humble, perhaps the theatrical life as a result of living and dealing with its complex conditions. What I was trying to reveal is the honesty of the subjects and their emotions in a place with deep connections through a non-tourist’ lens or an observer . In a way, it challenges the way how we re-imagine India again as a place of “incredible India”.


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