26 Jun 2013 - 28 Jun 2013

Malaysia | Performing Arts as Creative Industries in Asia | conference

The 3rd International Conference on Performing Arts As Creative Industries In Asia or PACIA will be held in the School of Arts, Universiti Malaysia Sabah from 26th - 28th of June 2013. Call for papers open. Deadline for submission of papers for presentation: 31 March 2013 The event aims to promote the fields of performing arts found in theatre, music, oral literature and dance in relations to visual arts, script-writing, education, journalism, literature, education, fashion, architecture, fine arts, crafts, film, music, advertising, publishing, and animation. The publicity and awareness this conference has brought for the performing and creative arts in Asia has led to the rise of the 3rd PACIA that hopes to focus on the fusion of both the old and the new in terms of creative ideas, perspectives, approaches, theories and practices that will help shape the future for perfrming, visual and creative arts industries in Asia. This conference hopes to gather together a myriad of exerts both in the industry and the academia from all over the world to share their new research findings or discoveries that will generate a new direction of growth for the performing, creative and visual arts industries. Objective 1. To promote the fields of performing, visual and creative arts as dynamic durable industries. 2. To uncover new research findings or discoveries in performing, visual, creative arts. 3. To appreciate the fusion of the old and the new through the performing, visual, creative arts industries. 4. To ascertain the direction of growth for the performing, creative and visual arts industries. Conference Themes Papers presented in this conference will touch on the conference theme New Territories and Old Traditions in the Arts in parallel sessions for presenters from a variety of fields such as: a. Theatre, Dance, Music b. Visual Arts Practices c. Literature & Literary Arts Practices d. Fine Arts e. Folklore f. Teaching and Learning the Arts g. Social, Political and Community Agendas in the Arts h. New Media and Film Studies i. Arts Policy, Management and Advocacy Arts Theory and Criticism j. Aesthetics, Design k. Language, Linguistics l. Teaching and Learning m. Globalisation n. Ethnicity, Spiritual, Identity o. Ethnic Craft p. Sexuality, Gender, Families Universiti Malaysia Sabah Universiti Malaysia Sabah Universiti Malaysia Sabah