13 Oct 2012 - 13 Oct 2012 presents a Forum on Asian and European Photography | Singapore

[caption id="attachment_26847" align="aligncenter" width="620" caption="Picturesque Scenery, ZHOU Wei (Open Call 2012)"][/caption]
As part of their collaboration for this year's Festival, and the Singapore International Photography Festival (SIPF) are proud to present the Forum on Photography titled "Perspectives from Asia and Europe".  "Perspectives from Asia and Europe" is a curatorial session which SIPF curators will share about the works received from Asia and Europe in SIPF Open Call 2012. Some of the discussion involves the development of photography in Asia, the cultural differences in the approach toward photography. Speakers: Alejandro Castellote, Patricia de la Motte and Zeng Han The Forum will be held on October 13 at 1pm at the Singapore Art Museum (Glass Hall). For more information about this event visit: To register for this free event please click here