20 Sep 2011

Cultural Box | virtual video library on cultural management and policy

Cultural Box is a virtual video library specialised in management and cultural policies devised by the Cultural Policy and Management Program of the University of Barcelona. Its aim is to make a large catalogue of online videos available to professionals in culture.

Every month Cultural Box presents a selection of recommendations of videos on cultural management and policy from around the world. Selections currently include videos in English, Spanish, Catalan, Italian and French.  Cultural operators around the world are invited to send in their recommendations and links.

Through the search engine and an exhaustive selection process, it s easier to locate all kinds of reflections, experiences and good practices of institutional support of culture. Each file contains a summary of the video, technical information, a link to the Connect CP curriculum vitae of those professionals involved in it, as well as a direct link to the original portal for the complete visualisation of the video. The idea consists of sharing this resource freely among all professionals, students or experts interested in the subject.