24 Aug 2014 - 07 Sep 2014

Bucharest IPA 2014 | International Performance Association workshop


IPA Bucharest 2014 - Workshops, Platform and Symposium - register now for the International Performance Association Summer event, happening for the first time in Bucharest, Romania. Yes! Bucharest needs more action art! August 24th - September 7th, 2014

IPA is happy to invite you to reside and work in Romania’s capital city at the end of this summer. We endure here, like everywhere, the daily struggles, the corporate fascism, the cold distance of passers-by on the street. We have too many huge statues per square meter, while the green spaces are diminishing and the outdoor advertising puts a lot of stress on the public space. If you are looking for inspiration and for a great deal of work, now this is the place.

IPA Bucharest host for the workshops is Platforma Space, an independent artistic space, located in the center of the city. This year, their interest is mainly oriented towards art interventions in a social and political context.

For all basic information about the IPA Summer, please check the IPA Summer History page.  Workshop: There will be 3 workshop groups, 10 – 15 participants per group.  Open Stage: We have open stage in the evening/night for exchanges between groups.

photo credits: Mihai Ţuţu