31 Oct 2012

Australia's Cultural Footprint | Brand Australia profiles

Australia Unlimited profiles some of the talented and creative contemporary Australians contributing to arts and culture around the world. Read about the designers, cultural managers, performers and curators from Australia helping shape your world.

The broad objective of the Building Brand Australia Program, expressed through the brand ‘Australia Unlimited’ is to enrich Australia’s global reputation by achieving enhanced awareness of contemporary Australian credentials in business, science, education, technology, creativity and not-for-profit activity.

In 2010, the Australian Government committed A$20 million over four years to the Building Brand Australia Program, recognising that there are tangible advantages to having a strong and well-rounded country reputation and that our global reputation is not consistent with the reality of contemporary Australia. The program responds to the needs and opportunity to more effectively communicate the skills and contributions of contemporary Australia to a global audience.

Photo courtesy of Legs on the Wall, Australia's leading physical theatre company