19 Sep 2016

Asia Culture Center Gwangju hosts Asian World Music Festival round table


While the Asia Culture Centre (ACC) World Music Festival was underway in Gwangju, Korea in August 2016, a number of curators and promoters of various world music festivals from around Asia engaged in a dialogue in order to exchange ideas on how to set-up and support such world music festivals through presenting their own experiences to their peers.

Participants from China, Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Korea came together to discuss the challenges and rewards of putting together such festivals, discussing a range of topics from funding to curating.

Participants presented their own respective festivals to their peers. Various pictures of the epic scenery surrounding these festivals as well as clips of performances from artists at these festivals were shown. Each festival’s lineup consisted of local artists playing indigenous or fusion music, with a mix of foreign artists from around the world hoping to showcase their own nation’s musical traditions.

Overall, this discussion was a great opportunity for directors, organizers, and curators of world music festivals in Asia to network and exchange ideas on how to better organize and curate such festivals. It also provided an opportunity to showcase local acts to other countries’ organizers and curators and hopefully increase cultural exchange between their respective nations. This roundtable discussion truly embodied the mission of the ACC, to incubate cultural exchange between Asian nations.

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