18 Jun 2012

ASEF presents at culture and sustainability in Rio+20

ASEF Cultural Exchange Deputy Director, Ms. Katelijn Verstraete, will attend on June 19 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, the international seminar on “CULTURE AND SUSTAINABILITY IN RIO+20" organised by the Government of Brazil and the world organisation of United Cities and Local Governments.

The preparation of the Rio+20 conference has enabled the expression of many messages that coincide on the need for sustainability to explicitly include a cultural component. These messages have been issued by national governments, international organisations, civil society and local governments.

ASEF has implemented in the last 3 years the programme Connect to Culture on "the arts and sustainability". This experience will be shared with all senior participants in the seminar, in the session on “THE CONTENTS OF THE RELATION BETWEEN CULTURE AND SUSTAINABILITY” which will focus on the experiences of key organisation in analysing the topic, and which will be chaired by Jordi Pascual.

With the support of Culture 21

See the full programme here: