31 Aug 2017 - 10 Sep 2017

ASEF culture360 media partnership | Asian Restored Classics film festival 2017

The annual Asian Restored Classics (ARC) is a festival programme presented by the Asian Film Archive in Singapore to celebrate the best of Asian cinema. It takes place in various venues in Singapore from 31 August - 10 September 2017. The festival provides a platform for the iconic films that different institutions have restored to be appreciated by generations to come. Presenting 12 timeless restored masterpieces, ARC 2017 features nine Singapore premieres and has a special Southeast Asian focus. The programme includes Japan's first colour film (Carmen Comes Home, 1951), one of the most soulfully romantic works in Indian cinema (Pyaasa, 1957) and Singapore’s first and only martial arts film that was banned for 32 years (Ring of Fury, 1973).   https://youtu.be/rp9_-R-88Hg Tickets for all screenings are available here