• Hannele Järvinen

    I am a female finnish dancer and a choreograph living in Germany. I would like to take part of Korea-Finland Connection Project. I would like to co-operate with Daegu Arts University / Contemporary Dance
    Professor Choi, Du-Hyuk in South Korea and take part of the Dance Festival of Daegu City Modern Dance Company.

    Please, could you help me by Korea-Finland Connection Application.

    Hannele Järvinen

  • Hannele Jaervinen

    We had a beautiful possibility to perform at the Cyan Museum of Art: 649, Gasang-ri, Hwasan-myeon, Yeongcheon-si, Gyeongbuk, South Korea. Our Art and Dance Project EVOCATIVE had the Opening Performance on the 4. of May 2012. The Art Exhibition from Hyeonmi Park Wierschin was shown until to the end of July 2012. Our Piece had nine performances. The dancers: Hannele Järvinen (from Bremen-Germany/Tampere-Finland), Sung Hoon Park and Kibum Park (Daegu Modern Dance Company). Have a look http://www.cyanmuseum.org
    With best regards
    Hannele Järvinen

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