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School of Critical Thinking

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We Seek: We are looking for collaborators for our different programs, as a resource persons or presentations to our patrons.

We Offer: We are creating social capital in Goa, India. We have discerning audience who are curious to know about, learn about contemporary issues critically and we organise these events and master classes.


6 Assagao Events is creating a pro-active and pragmatic community with socio cultural events such as documentary/art house/independent cinema screening and discussions, artists presentations, lecture demonstrations on various subjects, acoustic music, book launches, magnet theatre, poetry performances, spoken word, talk shows, play readings etc, in Assagao, Goa. The idea is to create a platform of […]  More

World of CO


You are welcome to explore THE COntemporary COllaboration in the WORLD OF COntrasts!   Description of residency program We are warm and friendly Art Residency program located in Sofia, Bulgaria, and is meant for artists from all over the world. You will have the opportunity to experience our mixture of artist-led critiques & support, to […]  More

State Puppet Theatre Kazakhstan


The State Puppet Theater, founded in Almaty in1935, was one of the first theaters in Kazakhstan.  More

BigCi (Bilpin international ground for Creative initiatives)

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We Seek: Organisations to partner the hosting of artists residencies with. The outcomes of these residencies can be exhibitions, master classes, symposiums, open days etc.

We Offer: Artist residency facilities in a beautiful natural environment on the edge of World Heritage listed Wollemi National Park, 1.5hours drive from Sydney. Ample space to create, think and be inspired. Project and residency facilitation.



BigCi is an independent, artist run, not for profit micro-artist residency program with a focus on supporting practicing artists by facilitating their projects. Being “micro” means that we are flexible in the range of creative initiatives that interest us, personal in the way we work with individual artists, quick in making decisions, energetic in development […]  More


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We Seek: We are seeking for the public and private museums/their directors/founders/owners, art organizations, curators, gallery directors/owners from India or abroad, who are interested in creating museum experiences for their audiences. Seriously looking for collaborations with the museums in India and abroad who wants to create interesting tangible and non tangible museum experience for their audiences. Seeking for corporates/multinational corporations who are interested in CSR through ART. We are seeking for experienced technical and aesthetical team members/collaborators to work with us in the area of museum experience interactivity, design, film documentation, research based documentation.

Projects: Created interactive signages/documentation/films behind the artworks, installations, artists for the GVK Art Museum, T2 Mumbai Airport, Creating interactive content and experience for the Kiran Nadar Museum of Art, New Delhi, India


Heritage Commons is a socio-cultural enterprise that is changing the way cultural spaces are perceived, experienced, and understood. We are strongly motivated to transform the current state of the cultural spaces within our country, as well as those beyond its borders. We intend to promote different aspects of our rich heritage – monuments, artworks, art traditions, […]  More

The Little Art

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We Seek: We seek collaborations, project models that can be replicated and learnings from similar organisations in arts and arts management.

We Offer: We offer our experience of working with children and young adults through the arts, and organising large scale international events.

Projects: Lahore International Children's Film Festival, ArtBeat, National Child Rights Arts Festival, Camera Kehani


The Little Art is a non-profit arts education organization that uses the medium of art to promote social values among children and young adults in Pakistan. It is determined, through numerous artistic avenues, media in particular, to promote the principals and ideals of democracy, equality, civil rights, community, prosperity, higher education, religious and cultural tolerance […]  More

Carpe diem Residency

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We Seek: Carpe diem Residency is an Artist-in Residence program founded by Awarded filmmaker Shivajee Chandrabhsuhan from India. We are non-profit organization. We wish to provide grants to the participants and make the residency free in the upcoming Programs.With your help and financial support we can continue to strive towards that goal. We are looking for donors, sponsors and philanthropists to support us in this endeavor.

We Offer: Our Residency is designed to provide the artists with a clutter-free space (in mind and in geography), nurtured with both the silences of isolation and enriching conversations with fellow artists, inching you closer to your project every passing moment. Here, you are on a journey of looking inward, where you share your thoughts, ideas, and desires with fellow artists to experience a collective sense of freedom. We at Carpe diem strongly believe that the best of your creative instincts can be nurtured when you elevate your experiences in a holistic way.Our objective is to host new and emerging, as well as veteran artists to help them comprehend their creative corridors. Towards the closure of each program, the artists need to arrive upon a certain outcome, essential to their projects.We offer two types of Residencies - Artists' Residency in which we invite Artists from all discipline and another specifically designed for Screenwriters.

Projects: Upcoming Artists' Residency is our Cedar Hill Program at Shimla in March 2015 and Screenwriters Residency at Kalmatia Sangam in May 2015.


Carpe diem residency, a series of artist-in-residence programs is designed to invite artists, writers and film makers for a time and space away from their usual social environment and domestic obligations. The founders are a self-driven group of artists and film makers from India who are deeply influenced by nature and the efficacy of human […]  More

KOI | Lithuania

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We Seek: Partners to work with us to promote Japanese culture in all forms to the Lithuanian society/Baltic States/Europe, encourage cultural and social collaboration between two countries, thus building a cultural bridge.

We Offer: Our main project is the Japanese cultural festival

Projects: Japanese Cultural Festival


Join “now Japan”! The festival is by all means growing and what started as a small gathering of Japanese pop-culture admirers, is now a blossoming full-grown event (and to this day, the largest in the Baltic region) dedicated to spreading the word about Japanese culture in Lithuania and establishing global relations through international communication. The […]  More

Théâtre Mu



In 2013, Théâtre Mu celebrated its 18th birthday. Boîte A Outils, Poum Poum was the company’s twentieth creation. The precedent productions gave rise to more than 2000 performances during tours of France and the world. Around 200, 000 people have discovered the company’s work in more than 25 countries. Since 1995, the team of Théâtre Mu has  […]  More

Obraztsov Puppet Theatre



Moscow State Puppet Theatre named after Sergey Obraztsov was founded in 1931. In 1981 it was granted the title of “academic”, thus becoming Central State Academic Puppet theatre named after Sergey Obraztsov. The establisher of the theatre is the prominent Russian artist, actor, director, painter and writer Sergey Obraztsov, who directed his theatre until the […]  More

Spare Parts Puppet Theatre


Spare Parts Puppet Theatre is Australia’s champions for puppet theatre. They present four seasons a year at their home theatre in Fremantle, nurture the art form through the School of Puppetry and Emergent training program, perform in Festivals, corporate and community events and tour through Australia and the world.  More

Polyglot Theatre


Australia’s Polyglot Theatre is an internationally renowned creator of interactive experiences for children and families, inspiring kids to turn the simplest things into extraordinary creations. At Polyglot, theatre is child’s play.  More

The Traditional Thai Puppet Theatre (Joe Luis)



The Hun Lakhon Lek of the Joe Luis puppet theatre has its unique artistic attributes in the half a human size Bunraku-style puppets manipulated by three puppeteers. The company originally comprises of family members of the Yangkhieosod headed by the late Sakorn Yangkhieosod, who had revived the art from his father and later was honored National Artist.   More

Sena Wangi – Indonesian Puppetry (Wayang Indonesia)



Sena Wangi is a national organization which is active in the field of puppetry (wayang). The organization coordinates various activities for the preservation and development of the art of puppetry.  More

Adishakti Laboratory for Theatre Arts Research


Adishakti Laboratory for Theatre Art Research, Puducherry, India is a theatre, music, dance and shadow puppetry troupe and a locus for hybrid performing arts. It is the home from which national andinternational performances, workshops, artist exchanges and research are generated.  More

National Academy for Theatre and Film Arts (NATFA)


The National Academy for Theatre & Film Arts (NATFA) is Bulgaria’s premier tertiary school. The NATFA Academic Information Centre has 60 000 volumes of Bulgarian and foreign books, a unique complete catalogued archive of Bulgarian theatre which contains all kinds of printed material dating from 1879 to the present.  More

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