• Debabrata Chakrabarti

    I live in Kolkata/Calcutta. Is it a heritage city? I don’t suppose so. But it is surely a historic urban area having many heritage buildings. On how governments, NGOs, businesses and communities have collaborated I scarcely know. But here there has certainly been a development, which, though it does not progress like the pace of an airplane, it has definitively the speed of a bullock-cart. Among all these developers NGOs have done something, but otherwise individual dedication has taken a priority scale. Red tape is a great obstacle for Government organizers; and institutions have a very small amount of money, of which a big amount …  


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  • Isabel Fonseca

    Hi everyone!
    Great initiative!
    My share: 2 examples from Portugal, please tell me how to send them.

    Thanks in advance and wishes of a quite profitable meeting!

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