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01 Jul 2011

Project 304

Project 304 is a non-profit art space. It was founded in 1996 to support contemporary artistic and cultural activities through art exhibitions as well as media and time-based works and events.

The founders of project 304 came from an eclectic group of local artists and art lecturers. As an organisation, Project 304 is dedicated to facilitate art exhibitions and promoting public access to the contemporary art. Project 304 focuses on nurturing artistic dialogue. Its goals are to use art as a means of uniting the contemporary arts community and bring greater awareness and appreciation of the arts to Thailand.

Project 304 provides a forum for emerging local artists, as well as for well-established national and international ones. Artists will be able to develop and hone their skill, exchange information, execute collaborative projects, and exhibit their works in an interdisciplinary setting. While not shy away from aesthetics, exhibition will be concept-oriented, focusing on social, cultural and political issues. They will range from painting, sculpture, installations, prints, and photography to video, film screenings and performance.