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07 Oct 2011

World #ArtSummit Twitter round-up


[caption id="attachment_15597" align="alignnone" width="503" caption="@TinyLittlePoems contributed several beautiful poems. This was the most re-tweeted. Thank you!"]#artsummit Twitter Poem[/caption]

The official Twitter hashtag for the 5th World Summit on Arts and Culture was #artsummit.

The team used several tools to track the #artsummit hashtag to learn more about the value of Twitter and how it can be used more effectively in the future. We hope you will find it useful too :)
Top Tweet! "The arts are a catalyst for change because they inspire people to think, to dream and to act" #artsummit Lisa Jansen, Germany via @culture360_asef

#artsummit By Numbers

More than 1450 tweets containing the hashtag #artsummit were sent by 295 unique Twitter users. The tweets contained  96 other hash tags and more that 170 URLs.
80% (1168) of the tweets in this were made by 23% (68) of the twitterers.

The users who had the most #artsummit "Twitter conversations" can be viewed here.

According to tweets with the #artsummit hastag reached more than 200,000 people! You can view the full #artsummit TweetReach report Oct 1-9 2011 here, 3.5mb PDF.

Top 10 Twitter users by volume of tweets were:
@ArtsAccessAust (123)           @NEAarts (122)
@culture360_asef  (104)        @culturaperu (70)
@sarmoti (55)                            @auscouncilarts(47)
@AnneLEcuyer (43)                 @TheRenza (27)
@tinylittlepoems (27)              @kdcWORK (25)
Top 10 Twitter users by volume of @reply recipients and/or mentions were: (This shows who was most influential)

@NEAarts (190+), @Ifacca (170+), @culture360_asef  (65+), @ArtsAccessAust (60+),

@auscouncilarts (45+), @culturaperu (40+), @ABCArts (35+), @tinylittlepoems (25+),

@stmartinsyac (20+), @sarmoti (20+)

 Top 5 tweeted URLs

#artsummit Word Cloud

[caption id="attachment_15601" align="alignnone" width="607" caption="The most commonly tweeted words at the #artsummit"][/caption]
 Top Tweet! "15th #artsummit rec: govts to recognize the role of arts and culture in improving economic, social, and environmental life for all citizens" via @NEAarts


TwapperKeeper is a social storage and reporting tool heavily used by academic organisations and conferences. It allows users to archive, track, monitor, and analyze tweets by hashtag, keywords, or users.
View the entire #artsummit TwapperKeeper archive of  more than 1450 tweets.

Summarizr is a tool that summarizes TwapperKeeper archives in the form of graphs and word clouds.
View the #artsummit TwapperKeeper archive in Summarizr offers an easy way to automatically collate tweets in to an online newspaper.
View the Oct 6th 2011 edition of #artsummit Twitter eye view

Top Tweet! "If art has a role in everyday lives of citizens, elected officials will have to support the arts" #artsummit via @NEAarts

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