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13 Jan 2016 - 24 Jan 2016

Singapore Fringe Festival 2016

zeugma_04 'Art and the Animal' is the theme for 2016 Singapore Fringe Festival, running 13-24 January. 2016's Fringe is a gathering of some of Singapore's most well-loved local artists and inspiring international artists from countries such as Switzerland, Australia, Czech Republic, France, Italy and the UK. Joining them is a gathering of animals, some of them in abundant existence, and others sadly rare or extinct. These works have so much to say about humanity, animals, and the relationships between each of us; human and animal alike.

Some of the works are especially notable for their thoughtful appreciation and affection for animal life, and our relationships with them; such as Migrant Ecologies Project's Railtrack Songmaps and Joshua Monten's Doggy Style. Other works confront us with urgent matters of animal protection and conservation, such as Principo…'s Human Bestiary, Pink Gajah Theatre's BI(CARA) and Andrea Cavallari's Arnia.

Works such as Marla Bendini's Tracks, Edith Podesta's BITCH: The Origin of the Female Species, Jean Tay | Saga Seed Theatre's The Shape of a Bird and the returning White Rabbit Red Rabbit by Nassim Soleimanpour explore vital questions of human freedom and liberty through more symbolic and metaphoric notions of the animal.

Then there are works that capture the playful, mystical, and imaginative realm that draws from the lenses of both child and animal, such as Zeugma's The Chronicles of One and Zero: Kancil, Christophe Canato's Ricochet and Lenka Vagnerová & Company's La Loba.

The programme is curated from an open submission. Read more about the theme - ART AND THE ANIMAL Download Fringe Calendar