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20 Jul 2017

Vernssage Art Gallery

Wondrous, expansive, deeply rich, the global art world is an ocean; gauging its depths can be overpowering for art lovers and buyers, alike. Vernssage, an art consulting enterprise founded by Sunaina Magan, exists to promote art collection by simplifying your art acquisition experience. Our belief is that choosing and acquiring an artwork should be an enjoyable experience and not an overwhelming one. Our aim is to make art an intimate yet unparalleled part of your life, and help you enjoy, your evolution from an art admirer to an art connoisseur. Vernssage cherishes and encourages the uniqueness of the art adorer and collector within you. We are sensitive towards your aesthetic motivations, interests, time, and monetary concerns.

Our collaborative approach includes, inter alia, offering personalized advice to you by making your tastes and preferences as our guideposts. Our recommendations are directed towards helping you establish a collection, as exquisite as your own self. We channel your enthusiasm towards taking strategic and relevant decisions pertaining to your art market investments. Our counsel is based upon a disciplined research and scholarship on the art industry dynamics. We also help you in keeping a close watch on the artists’ performance and pricing development of their best artworks. Through our unparalleled network within the international arts community, and our longstanding relationships with eminent galleries, collectors and artisans, world over, we ensure that your experience as an art collector becomes both enriching and rewarding.