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23 Feb 2016

SolPromo, Bulgaria

Solpromo is a platform, created to promote classical, jazz and folklore music artists in Bulgaria and abroad. Solpromo is aiming to present to the audience professional musicians and artists, as well as to help young individuals and bands develop and promote their talents. The basic idea of this platform is the personality and the individual approach.Solpromo supports Plovdiv – European capital of culture 2019.

Solpromo has the following missions:

  • Put together professional approach, quality and art on international base;

  • Offer new horizons to artists, art formations and students in the area of music, performing and dance arts;

  • Assist the customer in his decision to create new experience for his employees, students and partners;

  • Present art to children as a source of aesthetics and а values element;

  • Contribute to the diversity in the Cultural calendar of Plovdiv and another places in Bulgaria and abroad;

  • Support Plovdiv – European Capital of Culture 2019

To the services Solpromo offers belong:

  • Communication

  • Organization

  • Education

  • Sales

  • Consultancy