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24 Jul 2018

An Ordinary City

An Ordinary City is an independent programme aimed at promoting the exchange of ideas and experiences about urban-related issues in Ho Chi Minh City.  The organisation curates cultural events, produces in-house research and provides consulting services. It aims to raise awareness about cities and architecture through cultural action.

Since 2015 An Ordinary City has been curating events such as film screenings and panel talks to offer people an opportunity to reflect and discuss on Ho Chi Minh City's development. 

In 2018, An Ordinary City organised :Playtime, the first international festival in Vietnam dedicated to making our city more livable. With the participation of award-winning architects and urbanists from around the globe, the festival connected Ho Chi Minh City to a network of pioneering cities that promote the local street-life and provide citizens with playful tools to improve their daily lives.