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07 Sep 2010

International Cultural Centre

The activity of the International Cultural Centre focuses on a multidimensional approach to cultural heritage. Its interests focus on: the cumulative legacy of the European civilisation, Central Europe’s multiculturalism, memory and identity, dialogue between cultures and societies, preservation of historic sites and artefacts, cultural policies, the phenomenon of a historical city, and also the origins and development of modern art.
The International Cultural Centre is:

  • a venue for meetings and reflection on heritage;

  • a centre of excellence for heritage studies;

  • a library of knowledge about heritage;

  • a heritage information centre; and

  • a safe haven for art and architecture.

Documentation Department: The Department collects, digitalises and provides access to the records of the ICC’s activity (publications, posters, recordings, photographs) and materials relating to international cooperation in the areas of culture and heritage, European Capitals of Culture, UNESCO, the Council of Europe, the EU’s Culture Programme, preservation of cultural heritage worldwide, international cultural organisations and networks. Additionally, the Studio obtains and keeps reports prepared by cultural institutions as well and heritage conventions and charters.

The ICC Library was founded soon after the inauguration of the International Cultural Centre in 1991.It is a specialist library holding items connected with culture: dictionaries, encyclopaedias, monographs, art periodicals and exhibition catalogues; publications devoted to urban planning, architecture and heritage management; items on the art, ethnography and traditions of various areas of Europe, and on historical regions of Europe (e.g. Central European Galicia); literature on protection of ethnic minorities and transcultural dialogue, as well as foreign publications on Poland and Central Europe.

The vast majority of all its materials were acquired as donations or by way of exchange. Gifts are donated by organisations and participants in projects organised by the ICC both within Poland and abroad. The Library also has materials obtained through exchanging its own publications for those of museums and academic institutions in Poland and abroad; in this way we have acquired very many rare specialist publications, often as the only institution in Poland.

Since 2007 it has been possible to use the following online databases in the Reading Room:  Humanities E-Book, JSTOR, Central and Eastern European Online Library, as well as other bases on CD-ROMs: Allgemeines Künstlerlexikon Internationale Künstlerdatenbank, Belser Lexikon der Kunst- und Stilgeschichte and Encyclopaedia Britannica 2007.

The conference and seminar rooms forming the Ravens Conference Complex are some of the most attractive in Krakow in terms of comfort, aesthetics and equipment. The special advantage of the venue lies in its central location in Krakow and architecture combining modern solutions with historic interiors. The Conference Complex rooms are used during events organised by the ICC: conferences, meetings, seminars, exhibition openings and educational programmes; they are also available for hire on a commercial basis.

ICC publications are available at the bookshop located in the ICC Gallery, on the 1. floor of  The Ravens House or can be ordered on-line from the Web bookshop at the ICC's homepage.