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28 Nov 2016

I Wonder Why Association

I Wonder Why Association is based in Bucharest, Romania and aims to foster the cultural education for children and young people all over the country. Through interactive programmes we mediate the meeting between children and cultural objects in museums, libraries, bookstores, theaters and other cultural institutions in order for them to discover the meaningful aspects a cultural object holds.

We stimulate the children’s creativity about significant objects for culture and civilization and make them accessible in the most creative way through dialogue, storytelling adapting the exhibitions and the cultural values to the needs and sensitivity of the audience, challenge them to find their own answers in the discourse with the arts.

We organize family programs and cultural programs for kindergartens and schools in cultural institutions or in formal educational institutions, all the time taking into account the value of cultural objects and interpreting them to children in a proper and adapting manner.

We collaborated with almost all the museums in Bucharest from The Peasant Museum, to The National Museum of History of Romania, small art collection museums, Technical Museum but also we discovered old buildings as heritage monuments and we revealed their value for the audience.

We organized trails in historical parks in Bucharest, we also began to publish books for children starting from heritage monuments in Bucharest inviting the children to discover the story of the house and to explore its value through interactive games.

We also developed programs about nature starting from books for children written by one of our main member who is children books writer, reading for children being one of our main cultural value.

On one side, we became an inspiring source for non-formal education in Romania trough programs themselves but also by specialized materials for professionals consisting in guiding materials and methodologies for applying different methods of interpreting culture: storytelling, kamishibai method, trails in cities and so on. Thus cultural professionals and teachers are influenced by our approach and started to use these methods in schools or other cultural institutions. On the other side we created I Wonder Why community which is formed by a big number of families with children, teachers, cultural professionals who are passionate about cultural programs.

On long term we intend to open a big interactive museum for children in Bucharest in order to bring the whole I Wonder Why principles in one institution, open for learning, playing, discovering, interacting with cultural issues making them accessible and interesting for young audience.