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16 May 2018

Gold Pencil Indonesia

Gold Pencil Indonesia is an organization engaged in the development and study of cartoons based in the Semarang City, Central Java, Indonesia. This institution was inspired by several cartoonists who were compelled to perform the movement. 

Semarang city is known as the capital of Indonesian cartoon. In this city a number of cartoonists were born who have world-class achievements. However, the development of cartoons in Semarang is not supported by a good cadre system. Gold Pencil Indonesia tries to answer that challenge.

Gold Pencil Indonesia began to take part in cartoon development since "Jitet Exhibition and Friends" held on 26-27 August 2017. At that time, Gold Pencil for the first time featured the work of junior high school students. Children are trained through workshops and cartoon classes, have shown promise and appeared in several international contests.

Seeing these positive results, Gold Pencil Indonesia designed a more intensive cartoon training program. The goal is to produce cartoonists of the future who is ready to compete in the global era.

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