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10 Mar 2011

Federation Of National Film Association Of Thailand

The Federation was established on 21 April 1990 as a central body for the development and maintenance of Thai movie industry.

By creating this body it was hoped the industry would continue to exist and enjoy prosperity. The main duty of the Federation is to act as the representative of the movie industry in dealing or coordinating with government agencies and other private organizations, working to support, promote or develop the industry.

Members of the Federation are divided into 11 categories: producer, director, actor, production staff, lab & movie technician, theater owner, distributor, and entertainment reporter. As of now, there are altogether 940 members.

The Federation is apolitical and has the following objectives:

1. To promote cooperation and unity among movie professionals

2. To upgrade movie-making skills and strive for their excellence.

3. To coordinate relations and create good understanding with related government and non-government organizations, as well as corresponding foreign bodies, in the protection, maintenance, and promotion of art, culture, and morals.

4. To act as a center for movie information, promoting the industry and dispensing its advice, as well as disseminating knowledge of new techniques and technologies to movie professionals.

5. The Federation does not engage in any profit-making activities.