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28 Nov 2016


dramAcum is an association focused on producing new dramaturgy plays with innovative techniques. For dramAcum dramaturgy is an instrument for social change. The basic principles of dramAcum group are: the collaboration between the director and the playwright, encouraging the performance conceived, documented, written, and directed by one person, as an “author performance”, documentation as an investigation of reality and the impetus for creating the show’s script. dramAcum attracts new audiences to theatrical events (very young persons – a rarely or never attending theater), open a wider discussion in society through issues and means of expression used.

In a cultural climate which doesn’t encourage solidarity (there are no teams of directors, playwrights, actors working together long term projects, because of the economic pressures and lack of support for independent teams), the new dramAcum project is trying to propose a team working model: artists with different voices and perspectives on the same issues, would work together, would constantly confront their efforts and paths, assist each other in the documentation process, exchange to each other the individual experience gained in previous projects, respect and encourage their differences in any aesthetic approach.