17 Feb 2016

Culture and Energy NGO

Culture and Energy is an NGO established in 2003 by a group of artists and researchers.The main goal of the organization is to investigate the various levels of the complex interactions between Culture and Nature. The activities of the organization are based on the understanding that Culture is, in fact, an interaction between man and Nature and this can be a mutually beneficial. The individual and the community take from Nature its material substance. In addition, in the process of constantly human intellectual development, it is became an object of inspiration. In return, man enriches and protects Nature preserving it through the power of his creative work.

Within the implemented projects of the organization, Nature is seen as an environment, a resource and catalyst of both: the creative process and the interdisciplinary researches. The purpose is to stimulate the creation of art works that encouraged the transformation in the thinking and attitudes to Nature.

Over the years the organization has established a dialogue between artists and researchers working in a variety of media and genres of art or sciences; it has established the lasting partnerships with national and regional cultural institutions as well as scientific organizations and those, who work on the preservation of Nature.

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