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18 Aug 2016

Budaya Kreatif Foundation

We believe that creativity grows from the history and experiences of individuals. It is built from their beliefs, their environment and ultimately, culture. Culture cannot exist without creativity and creative expression cannot mature without the nurture of culture, thus we believe in inspiring the right trigger to catalyze their collaboration to inspire innovation pushing societies towards a balanced modernization. We believe in preserving the past to build for development.

With the world growing more connected, information spreads within seconds catapulting development. With many of us trying to keep up, we are beginning to lose touch with cultural roots and forgetting the ancient wisdom of our heritage. There is now an urgency to preserve hundreds and thousands of years of old culture in the times of modernity.

The realization of cultural identity becoming confused in the swarm of modernization is our motivation. We recognize the need to explore the stories of our origins.

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