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19 Jul 2017

Asia Art Projects

Asia Art Projects is an art agency founded by Elise Foster Vander Elst. We function as a social enterprise, aiming to tackle social problems and positively impact people's lives through art and culture.

We conceptualise and execute contemporary art projects with the aim of bringing visual art to the broader public and helping develop cross-cultural collaborations, be it through festivals, exhibitions, artist-led workshops or our Mumbai Art Map. Our initiatives connect new networks, bringing together traditional artistic circles with less conventional audiences, developing free public art throughout the country. Since 2011 we have been producing sustainable art exhibitions, festivals and projects that are free to the public and do not have the art market as a raison d’être throughout India. Thanks to these activities we are developing cultural and creative infrastructure in the country in a meaningful way. We also act as visual arts consultants for international arts councils and other organisations that wish to develop their arts programmes and engage with wider audiences. Our projects often provide a platform for cross-cultural dialogue through the exhibition of international works in India.

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