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08 Apr 2021

Italy | the SHED online residency call for performance artists

Shedhalle and the Mahler & LeWitt Studios are pleased to announce a residency for artists working in performance. The opportunity includes a 30 day residency at the Mahler & LeWitt Studios in Spoleto, Italy, during which time the artist will participate in ‘the SHED’, an online residency space on the Shedhalle website programmed by Michelangelo Miccolis.

‘the SHED’ is conceived as a virtual greenroom and invites artists to share real-time, process-focussed aspects of performance practice in a digital environment. Artists and thinkers inhabit ‘the SHED’ and leave traces – whether it be a sketch of an idea, documentation of a realized work, or a testing site for new work. 

Applications are particularly invited from artists who are interested in exploring new ways of sharing live performance practices and from individuals who are facing challenges in creating work due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Miccolis describes ‘the SHED’ program: “‘the SHED’ is an in-process meeting place, a proposal for a virtual greenroom, a site of connection and presentation not limited to physical location. It functions as a “live-room” on the homepage of Shedhalle, taken over by international artists, physically routed back to Shedhalle. ‘the SHED’ is accessible for live streaming and media sharing 24/7, not dependent on timezone, where artists are able to engage as if the space is their temporary studio, greenroom or even stage. ‘the SHED’ is an architecture to archive, present, perform, and connect…”

The Mahler & LeWitt Studios is established around the former studios of Anna Mahler and Sol LeWitt in Spoleto, Italy. The residency program provides a focussed and stimulating environment for artists, curators and writers to develop new ways of working in dialogue with peers and the unique cultural heritage of the region.

The residency opportunity includes:

  • Up to 35 days in residence at the Mahler & LeWitt Studios, including independent accommodation and studio space.
  • 30 euros per diem.
  • Production budget (up to 500 euros).
  • Round-trip travel, excluding transfers.
  • Mentoring and feedback from Shedhalle curator Michelangelo Miccolis and Mahler & LeWitt Studios curator Guy Robertson. 
  • A residency on ‘the SHED’, an online program for process-based art organised as part of the Shedhalle program. 


  • Artists whose practice engages with the concepts and methodologies of performance, including but not limited to performance artists, choreographers, movement directors, writers, and sound/video artists.
  • Artists of any age or nationality who are at any stage in their careers but who are not currently in higher education. 

Deadline for submissions is 8 April 2021